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Thread: Kong Sur & Giku : Mancing

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    Kong Sur & Giku : Mancing

    Giku : Mau kemana, Kong?

    Kong Sur : Mancing, Gik

    Giku : Kok bawa linggis?

    Kong Sur : Buat bekal makan siang

    Giku :

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    There is no comfort under the grow zone, and there is no grow under the comfort zone.

    Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain.

    But you can't make a rainbow without a little rain.

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    hadirr, sorry lama soalnya banyak indomaret sama alfamart yg buka 24 jam, jadi susah cari maskan siangnya
    you meet someone
    you two get close
    its all great for awhile
    then someone stops trying
    Talk less, awkward conversations, the drifting
    No communication whatsoever
    Memories start to fade
    Then the person you know become the person u knew
    That how it goes. Sad isn't it?

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