Gw pribadi merasa ini temuan menarik yang bisa dikembangkan lagi. Masih belum tau bagaimana perkembangan Mink ini ke depannya, tapi saya sendiri masih punya pertanyaan seperti apakah makeup (pigment warna, istilah penemunya) bisa ditambah anti aging, spf, dll? apakah bubuk pigment yang sudah di-print bisa di gunakan kembali?

what do you think?

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3D printing is all the rage these days, but for now, itís mostly centered around little plastic doo-dads. The Mink, launching today on the Disrupt NY stage, is a bit different.

The little printer lets users choose any color on the web, or in the real world, and using simple already-existing software, print that color into a blush, eye shadow, lip gloss or any other type of makeup.
See, most makeup comes from the same basic substrates, from high-end labels like Chanel all the way down to the cheap stuff available at drug stores. Founder Grace Choi sources the same substrate for the Mink so that users can turn any image into any kind of makeup.
The idea here is that consumers are increasingly focused on instant gratification and DIY solutions. Choi also noticed that makeup consumers arenít always loyal to certain brands, but rather focused on convenience.

Moreover, drug stores offer an incredibly limited selection of colors and options. Because makeup isnít the main driver of sales in a Walgreens, they get more universally loved colors like pinks and reds, and exclude consumers who want to be bold. More niche retailers like Sephora have a wide selection of colors, but at a much higher price.
With Mink, users can satisfy the desire for instant gratification while still having access to any color in the world at an affordable price.
Simply choose a color on a website, Pinterest board, or snap one with your phone in the real world, and use any color picker to locate the hex code of the color. Once you have the code, you can put it into any other program like Photoshop or Paint and simply press print.
The company is targeting the younger, 13-21 demographic who are less ingrained in their habits with certain brands and retailers.

The Mink costs less than $200, with plans to launch later in the year.